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Riley & Son, Bury

Work to complete the restoration of Flying Scotsman will be undertaken by Riley & Son (E) in Bury. From 29 October 2013 Scotsman will no longer be on display in the museum.

The remaining works that will be undertaken at Bury include the alignment of the middle steam cylinder. All three steam cylinders are also currently oversize and need to be fitted with new liners and rebored to a nominal 19 inch diameter. This corrective work on the cylinders means that they will have to be separated from the frames of the well-known locomotive.

There is a small section of the main side frames that cannot be examined until the steam cylinders are removed. A final assessment of the viability of the restoration will be made once the condition of this final piece of the locomotive is known.

First Class Partnerships will continue to provide specialist engineering and project management advice to the museum.

The timescales involved with the remaining stages mean that Flying Scotsman will not operate on the mainline before Summer 2015.

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