Flying Scotsman

The people’s engine

For many enthusiasts, the prospect of seeing any steam train on the main line would hold appeal, but Flying Scotsman is a crowd puller like no other.

During Flying Scotsman’s special non-stop anniversary trip from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley on 1 May 1968, the locomotive was mobbed. Thousands of people lined the trackside in a public display of enthusiasm that still exists today.

Huge public support, including hundreds of private donations has enabled the National Railway Museum to save Flying Scotsman and a working exhibit.

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“This has to be my favourite locomotive, for it seems to have featured in my life more than any other, and has been the cause of several friendships and acquaintances being made”
(Reg, 2003)

“Unlike the trains of today, the Flying Scotsman is a record breaking legend., an object of magnificence, a feat of man’s engineering ingenuity – it is a delight for anyone to see whether stationary or speeding through the open countryside.”
(Barry, 2005)

“What a joy that it will now be cherished and displayed as an object of pride, but also will thunder over the rails for many years to come, a source of excitement and delight.”
(Jean, 2004)

Discover beautiful images and interesting stories in Andrew McLean’s stylish, illustrated The Flying Scotsman: Speed, Style, Service hardback exhibition book on ‘the world’s most famous train’. Andrew McLean is the National Railway Museum’s Head Curator.